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What do shoes and bras have in common with your identity?




Hey boo hey  Im Tikisha



And as a  Certified strategic wife coach & mentor I am committed to helping women level-up their lives as wives through heart refining individual & group coaching. Through my ministry, The Healed Rib, I assist wives with identifying internal and external barriers that are stopping you from living an extraordinary life as a wife. Now, the extraordinary wife-life is not free of not so ups, but it is a life yielded to the Spirit of God, committed to implementing practical strategies and open to transformation in order to grow beyond what seemed right. So no matter where you are on your journey, whether you need support to speak & think life, strength and strategy to overcome the sting of infidelity, you need to answer the burning question “who am I” or if your wife-life is just OK but your heart says “there’s more” I am honored to partner with you. I am certain that through the Spirit of God your faith will be strengthened and your capacity to soar as a wife will enlarged! My mandate from God is for you to be Loved, Whole, and Healed – let’s answer the call together.

Heading 4




Individual Coaching provides an opportunity for you to target a specific area in your life.



Group Coaching provides 4 pillars that promote success in the lives of each individual.



Group mentoring provides accountability and support on your journey of being a wife..



Creative Consulting provides strategies that help clients take their brand to the next level.



The is no one stronger than a wife who knows who she is! We wear many hats and answer to many titles, but wouldn’t it be great to comfortable with and without a title? If you’d had the longing to know who you were, the answer is in Christ alone.


I have created a free 4-part course that will help you walk through the process of uncovering your identity. It will challenge you, reveal you and launch you with confidence into the woman you were destined to be.


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