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The short of it is...

I was a hot mess of a woman and a wife who desperately needed an intervention so God made me what I needed. My public failure became my public platform to rescue other wives. 

I am a wife that thrives on seeing other wives step into their God-given authority as their husbands good thing and as the beloved daughters of the Most High God. I've taken what I've learned through the teaching of the Holy Spirit and other amazing women of God and turned it into an opportunity to share that wisdom with other wives.

As the daughter of a single mom and no real examples of marriage in my community or family, being a wife was not something I desired.  I was not the little girl who planned out her wedding - nope I was the little girl who was planning to be a lawyer, live in a high rise building in the city and be a pet-mom to a white kitten.  The weird thing is, I'm not a pet all! But that was my dream, until I met my husband. 

I have been married to my amazing husband Chris for 18 years, we 5 amazing children 8 beautiful grandchildren! Far from the life I envisioned, but so much better than what I could've planned for myself.  

As a young wife, I thought I knew it all, but I quickly learned that a girlfriend mindset does not sustain the life of a wife! Through serious trial and error and a swift dose of vitamin "GROW UP" I learned that in order to be a successful wife, I had to lay my wife life on the altar before God and give Him full control.   


Was it easy? Girl NO! But from the refining fire The Healed Rib was birthed.  The Healed Rib is a strategic coaching and consulting ministry that allows me to partner with wives at various stages in their journey.  Be it one on one coaching for targeted areas of a wife's life, group coaching to master our identity or speaking engagements I use biblical doctrine, practical application and easy to implement strategies to help wives take their ordinary wives and make them extraordinary with the help of The Lord. 

My motto is "Loved. Whole. Healed.  That's the only goal!"  It is God's will for our life and it is my mission every time I have the honor to connect with another wife. 


My husband Chris and I are currently under a mentorship program with our pastors Dr. Thomas and Dr. Teresa Goggins of Thy Kingdom Has Come International Ministries (TKHC) as newly appointed Directors of our Kingdom Marriage Ministry.  We are so honored to answer the call of God and to sit at the feet of powerful leaders and follow them as they follow Christ so that we can bring a refueling fire and zeal to Christ centered marriages

I am 2x's published author with my books "Girl, Get Your Mind Right" and "HONEY" both being available on Amazon.  


Beautiful wife know this, if I've learned anything, you better believe I'm going to give you everything! You won't be left behind on my watch!  

Are you ready for a partnering wife as you walk into your most extraordinary days ever?



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Uncover the wife that God created you to be.


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