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You just have to W.E.R.K it! 

30 Day Challenges

 GOD + Wife = Goals!

HEY BEAUTIFUL: Our next challenge kicks off on May 10th! And its all about Goals!  Click here to join the Goal Challenge! AND we have an EPIC new companion journal for this challenge! Get it HERE.

Hey Boo Hey! Welcome to the hub for our epic 30 Day Challenges. These challenges started as a way for women to get their WifeLife together and then it just grew into its own thing! A thing that wives in my private Facebook group look forward to.  These challenges provide opportunities for us to have an intentional focus on the unique layers that make up our lives.  Mentally, physically, spiritually, relationally, and any other "ally" you can think of.  LOL 

What makes our 30 Day Challenges worth the sign-up is that they really do work.  We have testimonies of wives coming back and letting us know that a challenge has shifted the way she does life!    

Each challenge runs for 30 consecutive days (we have done some for 7 too!).  We choose a topic, provide scripture references, prayer points, and declarations and we go in! As I stated, they are typically done behind closed doors in my private group for wives, but I've decided to bring them out into the light of the public! I hope that you'd consider joining us! 


Advantages of the 30 Day Challenge:

  •  Increases your intimacy with God 

  • Allows for a targeted area of focus that helps you to remain consistent

  • Accountability from wives around the country

  • You learn to study the word of God so that you can apply it to your everyday life

  • You will see results!

All you'll need for the challenges:

  • To surrender the full process to God (will power won't work) 

  • A new journal and your favorite pen

  • Yup that's it! 

What's included with challenges? Each challenge is different, some may be done by live videos, some may be done by email - all information will be included for each challenge.

  Click here to join the Goal Challenge and don't forget your companion GOD + Wife = Goals Journal! 



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