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Faith and Goals

have a lot in common, they both require WORK!

Are you ready?

GOD + Wife = Goals

Challenge kicks-off Tuesday, May 10, 2022!

🙄 Have you set goals for 2022 but have yet to execute?
🙄 Have you started but set them to the side because!
🙄 Have you given up on setting goals because they just aren’t your thing?

🙄 Have you been setting goals your whole adult life and now you're ready to take it up a notch?


Well Boo, this challenge is for YOU! 


For 21 Days in this May you and I will go on a journey to get our goals done!


What you can expect from this challenge:

💫 21 Days of intentional goal setting that includes a focus on gratitude.
💫 A daily email of encouragement and actionable steps to help you go from goal to accomplished.
💫 An impactful, informative AND FUN webinar for registered goal-getters only (sometimes I breakout into a song or a rap - and I’m convinced you’re the kinda girl that will join me😆) .
💫 A goal-setting journal that I like to call a NOT-BOOK - because it ain’t your ordinary notebook nor journal!
💫 And MORE!

So if you’re ready to partner with GOD and go from goal to DONE - click the link below and register for GOD+Wife=Goals TODAY!


Would you like to chat with me?

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