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Just call me Wonder Woman... sort of

I know that it is still summer.. let's just pause for a moment and bask in the sunshine, sip another cool glass of iced tea and just breath!

But Fall is coming. And I have to admit, Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons. Sure I'm a summer baby (My birthday is August 16th)

I have to admit there is something about the cool breeze and sunshine in the Spring and the cool crisp air and sunshine in the Fall.

It's just the perfect time of the year. It makes me feel like... well Wonder Woman! I mean granted I don't want to kick anybodies butt (but the devil!!), but the fall weather just makes me feel unstoppable. So if I was Wonder Woman I would change some things. For instance my costume would be immediately changed to Pink! Yes Pink. That color would actually be my super power!

Pink is my power color. In it I feel aaaamazing, and if I do say so myself, it compliments my complexion quite lovely (eyelash batting happening right now).

Fall is the perfect time to try new trends and styles. From great sweaters to uber cute shoe-booties. You can rock big hair without it going flat. AND you can be Wonder Woman (sort of) in your power color.

Do you have a power color? If so what is it? How does it make you feel? Tell the truth, when you wear it do you have a theme song playing in your head? I do!

As you prepare to transition from summer to fall, tap into how you feel when you put on certain colors. Does it make you feel powerful, or powerless. While some colors may be "on trend" if it doesn't make you feel like Wonder Woman, then it ain't for you!

But if it makes you feel like you can walk the cat walk during NY Fashion week (or maybe just the space between your tub and toilet) then as Tim Gunn says MAKE IT WORK!

Listen, you are the bomb dot com and if anyone tells you otherwise, THEY'RE A LIAR!


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