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Fall FAVS!!

It seems like just yesterday we were all packing up our heavy winter clothes and trading them in for lighter spring/summer threads. With fall right around the corner we may have to do the reverse with our clothing but we are in luck when it comes to our jewelry!

Chunky necklaces, statement earrings, and sunnies that are on trend now will also transition into fall.

Necklaces will help make any drab outfit look FAB. Picture a light sweater or even a mock neck top with a chunky necklace over it.

These earrings for example will surely make a statement. They are NOT your ordinary earring stud. These are large in scale and could be worn with just about anything. Give life to your earlobes with these'll thank me later!

A great pair of sunnies can drastically change your appearance. Making sure that you get the right shape for your face will ensure the perfect fit. Sunglasses are a staple for us ladies who want to be noticed!

Go into fall feeling confident about the jewelry or accessory pieces you wear! Feel beautiful...because guess what? YOU ARE!

Leah is our #DopeWoman Style Contributor!

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