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You Can't Sit With Us...

Growing up I had tons of friends, we lived in what was called the Projects. Living in the Projects immediately created a sense of extended family. Sure there was poverty financially, but the Projects was a place wealthy with love! 'Til this day I will still call someone that I grew up with my cousin, even if we have no blood relation and even if it's been 25 years since we last saw each other. That's connection. That's LOVE!

Now don't get me wrong.... not everybody was family! Not everybody could sit with us! You know the one's that you grow up with that swear that they are God's gift to the world?! {insert sarcastic eye roll} Or worse, the one's who are negative about every..freakin'...thing! Yeah...NO, you can't sit with us!

Although God has moved us far from the projects those "I'm better than you Becky's and Negative Nina's" are still around and they exist in every corner of the earth. {Quick sidebar..Becky's and Nina's of the world, your name just flowed here.. no offense.. I promise LOL} And NO they can't sit with us!

As a woman, our peace of mind and our mental and emotional health are more valuable than we could ever know. And seeing that we know this to be true, why do we force ourselves to have relationships with women who threaten this very foundation? Oh I know you've been friends since grade school. Oh she's your first cousin twice removed. Eeek, she's your mom!

Beautiful, lean in... a little closer... just a little more... SO WHAT!? Yes I just screamed. NO ONE should have the ability to sit with you that causes you to cringe every time you hear their voice or their name appears on your phone.

As a gift to yourself, clean up your circle and surround yourself with women that help you grow and reciprocate that by including women that you can help grow as well. Now everyone matures at different times, and that is quite alright...let them grow honey let them grow. But it's OK to let them grow from a distance to keep your mind in perfect peace.

Am I telling you to write them off completely...nahh...but you have to choose what's more important... your sanity or the relationship. The choice is always yours. My choice... SANITY FOR 500 ALEX!

Our lives will be forever in a pruning and growing phase. Some things grow and stay and some grow and must go. Assess your table of life... is someone sitting there that shouldn't be? It's OK to tell them in love... you can't sit with us! If they love you, they will want to have the coversation although hard, and if they don't...wellllll room has just been made for someone else!


Dope Woman, you are the bomb dot come and if anyone tells you otherwise, they're a liar!

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