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I saw my reflection.... I didn't like it

The greatest thing that we can witness are the lessons that we teach our kids being lived out loud without assistance. You know, you've taught your beautiful daughter how to load the dishwasher and she sees you exhausted after a long day and just does it? Or your son decides to take his hard earn money and gets pizza for dinner. It's in moments like this that the trials that brought on the thought "who's freakin' kids are these" are worth it.

As I watch my 13 year old bloom into a young man, standing almost 6 feet tall that my heart leaps and dips. Honestly, he was 5 yesterday! When he volunteers to lead the family in prayer, I proudly smile and say " he gets it from his momma" when he helps with yard work and doesn't complain, I wink and say "he gets it from his daddy".

Those reflections, when he's generous, and kind, sweet and patient makes me appreciate the Lord for making me his mom. But recently, he reflected another side... a side of me that I struggle with. Before today, it was just a thing, today I realized it was something more.

My son has struggled with being distracted in school for as long as we can remember. He can be happily working on a task, and then... he's off into his own world. Bored in the moment with the task, or intrigued by a new melody that he want's to tap out on his desk. While the tapping has diminished in school, the drift into his own world hasn't.

As we sat at our dining room table, he working away at math, and me working away at my author's bio, I realized that he drifted off. He found the pattern on his binder and just zoned in on it. I called him back to attention and he didn't even realize that he'd drifted. The mom in me tried to look at the root. In the moment, I wanted to give him something to hold on to when moments like this happen. "Chris" I said, you know the Bible tells us that we are more than conquerors in Christ. Every time you feel yourself drifting tell yourself "I'm conquering distraction", you can even write it on your binder of you'd like".

We moved on.

Only this time, it wasn't Chris drifting, it was me.

I had been sitting at my computer for well over an hour and didn't have a word typed for that bio.




I had drifted.

The Lord reminded me of the very word that I gave Chris. You are more than a conqueror in Christ and you will conqueror distraction. These reflections aren't much to shout and smile about. As the Lord directed me to speak His Holy Word not just over my sons life, but also my own I faced a humbling fact. This spirit of distraction is just that, a spirit! The Bible tells us that we don't fight against flesh and blood but against spirits! Spirits that our enemy Satan sends to steal, kill and destroy!

Today I had to decide, if I was going to keep saying that distraction is just "a thing" or will I recognize it as a spirit of darkness and destroy it through the Power of God? I'm choosing to destroy it!

Distraction has no place in our lives. What have you considered "just a thing" that you are now seeing your children reflect? Call it out by name and destroy it! God is with you and will never expose what He can't defeat. So you know that that means right? EVERYTHING NOT LIKE HIM GETS DESTROYED!

Let's continue this conversation over on Facebook. Let's talk about it, pray about it, and conqueror it together!

You are the bomb dot com and if anyone says otherwise, they're a liar!


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