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LOL! I Thought You Knew!

"Throw dirt on her!!" They said. "Better yet, BURY HER!" And they laughed and laughed and then decided to drown me. They poured water until the dirt I was buried in was soaked through and through.

I couldn't breath.

I thought that I would die! Then they decided to really do me in, and stomped on me until there was no room to move an inch! Gasping for air, my life felt like it was slipping away... I sat there, or should I say, I was buried there.



Under all of that dirt and all of that water! Who would hear me? Who would look for me? Who would save me?!!! I felt like there was nothing that I could do, so I resolved in my head, that here, is where I would die.

But my heart heard my thoughts, and my heart tugged at my spirit, and my spirit began to cry out " LORD I need You now! I need you Now! Not another second, or another minute, not an hour or another day, but LORD I need You right away! Come rescue me!" The earth around me started to shake! I could feel the warmth of the SON penetrating through the dirt! I felt my body shifting, shaking, stretching and getting stronger. My roots shot down deeper into the dirt. My stem begin to push the dirt up that was over my head; my head popped up, and my leaves begin to open and unfold.

And there I was, stronger, better, NEW! My enemies that buried me came back, and found comfort in this new place of shade. They sat at my feet, and wondered where I had been all of their life.

I laughed and comforted them. And as my leaves sway in the wind, my song of praise reached the heavens. So much so that it caused the hearts of those at my feet to melt and repent. They stood up in a hurry, stepped back and looked at this beautiful tree that now comforted them, and realized that this TREE was just a SEED that they "killed". That they buried alive & left without a second thought. They didn't recognize me because my Father changed my image and He changed my name. I wasn't just 'a seed' I was HIS SEED. And in that seed was the tree they saw before them, and in that tree was the comfort that soothed them.

But they couldn't see it before because, I looked like nothing, I appeared to have no purpose.....BUT GOD!

D.O.P.E Woman people are purposely placed in our lives to be the dirt throwers, and ditch diggers. They feel as though they're killing you, but they are actually aiding in your preparation. I'm learning, when you truly submit your life to GOD those who persecuted you will have to turn around and bless you, and they won't even recognize your face because of your transformation!

You may LOOK like nothing today, but as the old saying goes, LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING!

You are the bomb dot com and if anyone tells you otherwise THEY'RE A LIAR!

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