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FORWARD - Emerging Leader!

For the second installment of our #DOPEGirl Shout out we caught up with Ms. Tyliyah. A California teen living out her God given dreams. What I love about this dynamic young lady is that she has such a grateful heart. I really believe that being grateful opens up a new lease on life that we could never imagine!

So check out interview with this burst of sunshine and be sure to leave her some encouraging words in the comments!

ODW: So tell us a little about yourself.

TYLIYAH: My name is Tyliyah and I'm 17 years old. I love God and have no problems telling anyone that. I am on the Dance Team at school and have the gift of the Prophetic. I am a total bookworm and love novels. I love peach cobbler (LOL). I also love kids!

ODW: If you had to choose a song that was the soundtrack for where your life is headed what song would you choose? Why?

TYLIYAH: If I had to choose a soundtrack for my life it would be "Rise" by Katy Perry because in my life I won't be put in a box and the people who doubted me will see my rise. I know victory runs through my veins so that would be my soundtrack.

ODW: Who is the greatest influence in your life? Why?

TYLIYAH: The greatest influence in my life would have to be my mom and grandma because if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be who I am today.

ODW: As a senior in High School. what are you most looking forward to during your last year?

TYLIYAH: As a Senior in High School I am looking forward to Prom and Grad night at Six Flags. Also of course GRADUATION and starting the next chapter in my life.

ODW: Speaking of the next chapter in your life, tell me more about your non-profit organization?

TYLIYAH: Breaking Out Speaking Up: is a non profit organization that is bringing incarcerated parent's together with their children. Me being someone who has had both parents in jail , I feel that it is a community of young people that are hungry for help and advice. With having incarcerated family or parents you seem to feel isolated as if you are alone and my mission is to fix that. On the other hand it is not all about just incarcerated parents of youth but about youth with issues like depression,anxiety,and that contemplate suicide.

ODW: What words of encouragement would you share with girls your age?

TYLIYAH: What I would say to girls my age is know your worth and know that being different isn't a bad thing because we are meant to be set apart. Also don't let anyone pressure you into anything! Be you and you'll always win.

ODW: Looking forward what is your greatest hope?

TYLIYAH: Looking foward my greatest hope is to touch lives one at a time and if I can make at least one difference in someone's life my mission would be complete. I want to get kids like me that felt that they were the only one and activate their destiny and make them into something they never thought they could be.

There you have it! Destined, Obedient, Purposed, Excellent - I know you agree that Tyliyah is truly #OneDOPEGirl

If you had to choose a song that was the sound track of where you see your life going, what would it be? Let's carry this conversation over to our Facebook page One Dope Woman and tell us! We love to hear from you!

As always if anyone tells you that you aren't the bomb dot com... THEY'RE A LIAR!!!

~ Tikisha

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