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Fitness Should Be Fun! RIGHT?!

As a child we ran, we jumped, we danced and we played. Who said that had to stop? To get back into fitness we need to find some fun things to do and not look at it as a “chore” or another task. Girl let me tell you what I do for fun or what I call an “Ava Special”. Time constraints is always the complaint of many, so here’s a few ideas to squeeze in fun and fitness in the midst of your daily chaos, I mean schedules.

  • Group classes are always good to start or restart the fitness journey. I say journey because it’s not an overnight fix and once you get on the journey it will become your lifestyle.

  • Music, I love music and I listen to it daily, all day. Remember old school jams and how we would break out and just move? Try that at home, on the ball field as you wait, or even on your lunch break. Songs last five to seven minutes so imagine moving and not thinking about it, yet you burned some calories!! Every new dance is nothing but a remake/rename of something we did, so challenge your kids, dance and laughter go hand and hand.

  • Here’s another suggestion, while at work, we all need a restroom break or 2 (many if you drink lots of water like me). Let’s say do 10-20 squats each time, squats are a very beneficial exercise and can be done with minimal room. Desk push-ups are awesome too and can be done also with minimal space.

  • Stairs, they’re all around and we avoid them… if we use them instead of the elevators, that’s more calorie burn on purpose.

  • TV Time is also a great place to start. We spend countless hours just watching TV so as you sit in the chair, do some simple leg lifts (lifting both legs off floor together as high as you can) or alternating knee raises (lifting one knee at a time). Challenge yourself, every commercial instead of flipping to next show (I know I’m not the only one who does this) knock out 10-15 leg lifts or alternating knee raises.

We have to use what’s available and stop making excuses for the lack of time or not being able to get to a gym. SO are you ready to see how fitness can be fun?!

About Ava, our #DOPEWoman Fitness Contributor:

Averia Lilley better known as Ava is a fitness enthusiast, mentor, educator, entrepreneur, and leader in many aspects of her life, including being a proud mother. Sports and fitness has been a passion of hers since childhood, being very competitive since she’s the middle child, and always willing and able to rough it up with the best. She’s played basketball, football, and ran track.

Her passion never subsided but like many it was put on the back burner as she raised her son. It was truly rekindled about 15 years ago when she started having Saturday classes as her church following videos and motivating the women/men to be active. Her hunger to be healthy and to share knowledge without browbeating people has erupted into a business known as G-FIT.

G-FIT is energetic and fun, offering workouts and inspiration to people on all fitness journey's. There is no one size fits all when it comes to fitness yet we must all find a few things that make us want to move.

She became a licensed group fitness instructor in January 2017 and is still pursuing other certifications such as personal trainer, youth fitness, and spinning.

Ava can be reached on Facebook at G-FIT and/or by email Ava was born and raised in Hartford, CT but has resided in Warren OH for the past 25 years.

We would love to continue this conversation! Tell us what you do to MOVE IT or share your goals for a healthier lifestyle visit us on Facebook: One D.O.P.E Woman

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