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The best gift for the woman on your list!

Perfume? Nah

Jewelry? Nah

Shoes? Nah

Hey girl! If you’re anything like me, you have a some amazing women on your Christmas gift list. Women who empower you, and love you. Women who encourage you and support you. Women who laugh with you, pray with you, and who help keep

you going.

When thinking about a holiday gift for them, you’re in need of something unique, something that conveys just how much they’ve impacted your life. You’ve walked the malls but it’s just not there!

I got you Boo! Here is the gift of all gifts!


This is our first annual ultimate shout out that is designed to magnify the amazing life of that amazing sister, friend, co-worker, daughter, mother, stranger (because sometimes a stranger can shape your life like nobodies business) and every other woman in your life!

A #DOPEWoman Shout Out allows a woman to nominate HERSELF or SOMEONE else and tell of the amazing things she is doing in her life, family, community.

IF YOU KNOW a woman who has touched your life or the life of others in a way that should be celebrated, WE WANT TO HEAR ABOUT HER!

Please note that touching your life can be a text message that got you through or a cure for the rarest form of ailments. NO CELEBRATION IS TO SMALL! If she’s impacted you we wanna know! And if she is YOU we wanna know!

Who’s eligible? ANY woman or girl of any age (Open to the United States of America ONLY)

So are you ready?! The Nomination ends DECEMBER 17, 2017 at 11:59pm EDT

CLICK THE LINK and submit your #DOPEWoman Nominee TODAY! (Be sure to include a photo of your #DOPEWoman Nominee)

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