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Marriage - What are your thoughts?

Hey DOPE Woman! Happy Monday! I hope your day has been the bomb dot com! So, what got done on your to-do list today?

Well, after I logged out of work, I started preparing myself for Shift 2 - you know what Shift 2 or Second Shift is right? It's when you clock out of your 9-5 duties and check into your 5- midnight duties! Yeah.. you know what I mean!

As I sorted laundry, I thought, I really don't like doing laundry! I wonder how my other wives out there feel about it. And then it hit me.. GIRL you have not connected with WIVES in a long time! CHANGE THAT!

So here I am! Changing that, but I want YOUR input. So here's my background (LOL) I am a wife coach. I help wives in their day to day lives to navigate life after I DO! You know untangling that mental web that seems to coat our minds when the dishes pile up and the rose colored glasses crack? I mean don't get me wrong, I LOVE being married, ESPECIALLY to my boo! But somebody should've pulled me to the side and said "sis, washing his underwear ain't gonna always be cute!" Just sayin!

When wives find themselves unsure of what to do next, in comes me. I come alongside of you with encouragement, a listening ear, and strategy to navigate "this" place in your marriage. I do this with individual and group coaching as well as live videos on Periscope (if you have the app.. FOLLOW ME BOO @totally_tikisha_ I have some great videos out there for you to check out)

So this love of connecting with wives brought me here today. I want to start a series in the One D.O.P.E Woman community titled " Just Another Marriage Monday" It will be blog posts and a Live Video dedicated to all things marriage with the emphasis on wives.

We will talk about everything from laundry to date night to prayer and everything outside an in between. I will have guest bloggers as well who have certain areas of marriage on lock (not meaning they've mastered it, just means that they are killing it!)

If this is something that you are interested in, do me a favor and let me know in the comments AND be sure to follow my marriage page on Instagram: Married In Color.

I look forward to hearing from you wives!! Connect with me also on FB: OneDopeWoman and Instagram: OneDopeWoman

Now, off to make dinner. Did I mention, I have no groceries so I need to go to the store?! YEAH! #WifeLife

(This cute photo of Chris and I was in 2016 heading to an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party... YUP WE WON! And I DIY'd these shirts yall!)


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