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The Nominees Are In! D.O.P.E Woman of 2017

WOW! Can you believe that the One D.O.P.E Woman community is 5 months old?! WAHOOO! Truly a reason to celebrate. As you know, in our community it is so important that we celebrate ourselves AND each other. Having the opportunity to create the #DOPEWoman shout out has afforded us the opportunity to do just that. Often times we forget that small ripples in a big ocean are still... RIPPLES nonetheless. So no matter where we are in life, it's really nice to be recognized for just being D.O.P.E!

This year, I wanted to end it with a BANG! I wanted to pull in our entire community and vote for our #DOPEWoman of the year. These nominations came in from self-nominees and others who submitted nominations for others. D.O.P.E Woman as you go about finishing out 2017 as strong as you can, I want you to remember something - nobody is YOU and THAT is your superpower. The Bible tells us that God put us together in our mother's womb. Knowing this fact has to lead us to believe that Our Almighty Creator made us D.O.P.E on purpose. While we may share similarities with each other our unique spin on things is the DNA, the fingerprint of our very existence that makes us soooo different! Isn't that amazing?

As you go about your days I want you to take hold of all that is uniquely you. From your laugh to your walk, from your style to your heart. Everything about you serves a purpose and every part of you should show up in life EVERY DAY because you are necessary! As my sister Shante always says, WE are Chosen On Purpose... NEVER forget that!

So without further are your 2017 #DOPEWoman of the year Nominees!

HERE IS WHERE WE NEED YOU.. Follow us on Social Media and LIKE the photo of the #DOPEWoman that you feel should win the top spot!

You can Vote for all or for one, the choice is yours! Voting is open until Christmas Eve, Sunday 12/24/2017 and the winner will be announced on Christmas Day! Our winner will get a great Swag Box from us with some goodies to show her how much we appreciate her!

Be sure to visit our social sites to get the full details on each nominee!!!

If anyone tells you that you aren't the bomb dot com... THEY'RE A LIAR!!!


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