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Girl, Get Your Mind Right!

I mean, are we really getting ready to ring in a NEW YEAR!? I guess we know that no matter how much things change, TIME doesn't change; it still waits for no one! Like many women across the globe you may be replaying the wins and woe's of 2017. And if you're like a lot of us, the woe's may be playing on a constant loop in your mind. But can I offer an interruption to your thoughts? GIRL, GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!

No matter what didn't go right, I am sure that if you took out your journal and wrote down what did go right you will surprise yourself! I bet $5 that you have some great wins this year! It's so easy for us to beat ourselves up, and normally it's because we are comparing our lives to others around us. People we know and people we've never met. But what if you paused for a moment and considered this tactic from the Bible, consider how much brighter your life and mind will instantly get. The Bible encourages us to "think on these things". What things? Glad you asked! Think on things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely and of a good report.

As women, we wear many hats and these hats all have strings. Strings that connect all that we do to all that we are. And to be honest, if we aren't mindful, those strings can become a huge ball of mess! Ask me how I know? Go ahead..ask me. I know because my mind was a huge stringy mess! Comparing my life to others wasn't an end of year thing. It was constant, daily, hourly! Oy Vey! And believe me, my thoughts were less than lovely.

I didn't think on things that were lovely, I thought on ways that I failed to do something right. I thought on the fact that I wasn't good enough, committed enough, strong enough or dare I say holy enough. What ever enough was, I was the opposite!

But the Lord has a way of interrupting our thoughts and He interrupted mine with my first book. A book that was my life and part of my testimony. An opportunity for me to change my point of view so that I could view the point of it all. Our lives weren't meant to point us to worldly perfection, but it was to point a dying world to the love and salvation that only exists in Jesus Christ. See at the heart of it all, we are created for purpose. Sure our hat strings get crossed and we value ourselves based on outward tangible things like money, jobs, houses and STUFF but God tells us that He looks at our heart.

Our hearts, our purposes, are bigger than anything we could compare them to - though we try. Who we are at the heart of it all matters to God, YOU matter to God. So as you play over your 2017 woe's just repeat this with me...GIRL, Get Your Mind Right! And begin to think on things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, and of good report. Does that mean you bypass things that didn't go well? No not at all, getting our minds right won't work if we create false realities. It just means that for every woe, look for God's win! If you struggled with heartbreak, with loss or death, financial hardships, physical issues, addictions, low esteem - look in the Word of God for a win to your woe. It's there I promise, use Google to search the Bible for your specific need! In Proverbs 3:26(The Message), the Bible tells us that "God will be right there with you; he’ll keep you safe and sound".

He will keep you safe and sound from comparison, He will keep you safe and sound from the tangled strings in your mind and heart, He will keep you safe when the world feels like it's caving in around you. God is with you.

So as we bless God for a last few days of 2017, thank God for holding you up when the hardest of times hit your life, (know how I know He held you up?...YOU'RE READING THIS!) and thank God for holding you up when the best of times warmed you like sunshine. Thank God for it all and through it all.

Life won't be easy, but it is worth living. As you write out your "new year new me" goals for 2018 remember the old you isn't bad, it just needs some polishing that only the Lord can do. Let Him. He's waiting. And He will be the only one to get your mind right!

If anyone tells you that you aren't the bomb dot com...THEY'RE A LIAR!



When you find yourself comparing your life, body, image, position, marriage, kids, status, etc to someone else or when you find yourself speaking that there is nothing good in you, when the enemy tries to flood you to make you feel less than and you begin to agree, I want you to take this motto into 2018: GIRL, GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!!! <--- It will snap you back to reality every time!

I would love for you to check out my new book , Girl, Get Your Mind Right. It is my testimony about how the Lord is transforming my mind through His Word and how He will do it for you too! It's so #DOPE because it's a book in the front and a journal in the back... it's a #DOPEWoman mullet! LOL You can find it on Amazon or if you'd like a signed copy you can email me.

Happy New Year #DOPEWoman, it's time to let God be GOD!

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