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First, Let's Dispel The Myths! Fit & Feeling Good!

Happy New Year #DOPEWomen! We are so excited to embark on what has been dubbed "The Year of The Woman!" There is so much buzz in the air about the building of sisterhoods, and the advancements of women that you can't help but to be inspired and ready to make history too! One thing I know, is that so many women want to add their stamp to this amazing year but will fail to do so for one reason; they don't like they way they look! Body image issues are not new, they've been around since women have been around. We are always too much of something! But in this Year of The Woman, lets make a pact! A pact that we will strive to be healthy and fit! We won't conform to a size, a weight or a ideal image, but we will strive to be our best selves... PERIOD! This week, we've tapped Drew Cost. Drew is a trainer with health at heart, he is determined to help women and men journey their way to a healthy lifestyle. Check out his blog post below, and be sure to leave a comment and share with your tribe! Grab your crew and decide that in this Year of The Woman, you will be stronger and you will stand strong and be beautiful like YOU!


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First let us dispel the myth that you need to work out every day and all day to get results. LIES, LIES, LIES. Proper exercise & nutrition can be done without it taking up all your time. If you feel you don’t have the time maybe start telling yourself “this is not a priority” If it’s motivation you lack tell yourself “my body functioning how it should is not that important” (sounds crazy right?!). Get my drift? Ok so let me give you some positive reasons to sculpt your temple (improve your body).

#1 You want to FEEEEEEEEEEEEEL good. It’s very few depressed, lethargic people that work out. Working out produces what’s called “endorphins” which are feel good chemicals. Wait WAIT WAIT DREW, you mean to tell me I can do things to make myself feel good? You got that RIGHT! When you work out you release these endorphins. Quickly some might think “so I should work out all day”? No but you can work out weekly. I recommend for weight loss, fat loss, building muscle that women should lift challenging weights and some form of conditioning. The myth of lifting weights makes women bulky is one of the most deceiving fitness myth for women. The next biggest myth is to do lots of cardio. Structured weight lifting and HITT (High Intensity Interval Training) cardio works very well. At Conquer Fitness United our main form of conditioning is boxing. These are women who are moms, wives with a full day. They don’t want to be on the treadmill watching reruns. They want to burn some fat and get the stress out! #2 You want to LOOK GOOD. Yes, that might sound vain and that is OK! Feeling good is great however looking good while feeling good is amazing. Now I say this with much thought and much love. You want to look good in whatever you have to wear. Are you tired of sucking it in? Girdles? Or maybe only shopping in only one section? This is motivation enough. I challenge the Conquer Girls to aim to fit into outfits they desire to wear versus the scale. The scale shows a fraction of what is going on. Let alone certain times of the month, stress and more variables. Ladies if you are married or in a relationship don’t let this part pass you by. You have a man who is looking at you. If you are his woman this is vital. You don’t want him at the office all day with Sally having it together and come home and you are just there thinking you have him wrapped around your fingers. The process of even working to look good is even desirable to yourself and your spouse. Ok back to fitness. #3 You want to build confidence. When you feel good & look good you can start falling into the confidence category. Can people have confidence without working out? Absolutely. I will assure you also that things such as high blood pressure, stress and other sneaky symptoms can get to them quicker. When you are confident you perform better at your job, home life, social life, and this is an amazing feeling to have. Tips § Become accountable to someone who has results already § Start with a small goal. Maybe 10 min 3 times a week and reward yourself. § Post some positive sticky notes with affirmations at places where you spend lots of time § Put the time on the calendar as a business meeting

SO #DOPEWomen, are you ready to #ConquerFitness?

Drew Cost born April 27th 1985 is an Entrepreneur, Minister, Speaker, and Relationship Coach.

He is the owner of Conquer Fitness United. A fitness center that focuses on building confidence,

relieving stress and building the whole person. He is a firm believer in combing faith with hard works.

“God didn’t’ give us breath daily to gaze into the heavens. He gave us breath to multiply what He’s put

into our hands”. You will be inspired, encouraged and challenged to excel being around or listening to him speak.

Connect with Drew:

Facebook: Drew Cost

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