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Healing Hurts!

There’s a song by Donald Lawrence and the choir sings “I Am Healed”. It’s one of my favorites. I would sing that song with so much strength and might. But I’ve learned something during my recovery process... healing hurts! It’s not pretty it’s not glamours hurts! I’ve already received the word of the Lord so I know I am healed. However the road to healing doesn’t make me want to sing, it makes me want to cry...a lot. But I am reminded by something my great-grandmother said “either you can cry forever and stay in the same place or you can cry for a little while as you’re moving forward”. Im crying. For just a little while. I’m moving forward. Physical. Mental. Emotional. Spiritual. What ever healing you need, it’s available. Work is required. Tears are a part of the deal. But. You. Will. Heal 💕 

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