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Challenge kicks-off Saturday January 1, 2022

When I was younger, my mother had a saying; "you're so smart, you're stupid". It meant, you may have known what to do but you lacked understanding in why, how or when something should be done.  She only said it when I tried to defend my position or didn't take time to understand the full scale of a situation. 

The book of Proverbs is like my mom, don't be so smart that you end up stupid! Proverbs takes us on a journey through wisdom AND understanding.  Wisdom of God and Understanding to know that we can not run with the wisdom of God without asking God to reveal the full story -the who, what, when, why and how, of a matter. 

For instance, have you ever received a prophetic word from God and you get excited and start running towards that thing, and then BAM! You slam your face hard on a brick wall?  Unsure what to do or where to go and you find yourself upset with God and confused because He said that this was your "winning season"? WISDOM was you partnering with the word of God, UNDERSTANDING would have you go into prayer for strategy before running! 

God wants us to be wise in our:

  • Marriages

  • Parenting

  • Businesses

  • Friendships/Relationships

  • Eating

  • Worship

  • And every other area in our lives, big and small (see Romans 12:1)

The Word of God is POWERFUL and allows us to:

  • Focus our full attention on God and not our circumstance

  • Operate in faith

  • Let God fight for us

  • Operate in wisdom and understanding 

  • Walk in freedom

  • Be intimate with God

  • Become dependent on God


By intentionally making the Word of God a non-negotiable part of your day you’ll become better able to deal with any situation that arises and instead of shrinking in fear you will rise up in the wisdom and understanding of God. 

Now please note, this 30-day challenge cannot be done in your own power, it can not be done by praying hard enough to be successful, it can only be accomplished by the Spirit of God.  So if you’re ready grab your Bible or pull up your favorite Bible app (I really like - they have sooo many versions), grab your journal/notebook and lets do this! 

I would love to hear the wisdom that Holy Spirit reveals to you - join me @TheHealedRib on all social platforms, and look for me to go LIVE in our private Facebook group! 

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