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It's chipped nail polish not the end of the world!

I found myself staring at my nails. My manicure which was once shiny and new was just a hot mess. Some nails had full polish, most only had traces and some had none. I found my heart racing and I thought "what would people think if they saw me out and about with these nails!"

Like really! I actually had a heart pumping moment of what someone else would think about my nails!

Have you ever found yourself in that position? Obsessing over what they would say? It may not be your nails, it could be your job, your children, your weight, your past. ANYTHING!

Instead of releasing all of your good energy on thoughts of pleasing them, turn your attention upward and begin praising God. Allow the words to flow from your heart and begin to thank God for those fingers with the chipped nail polish and for your eyes that can see that it's time for a fresh manicure. It may sound super funny when you start but your perspective will be shifted.

I mean it's chipped polish for goodness sake it can be fixed! And even if that chipped polish is representative of your chipped heart, God can fix that too!

You are the bomb dot com and if anyone tells you otherwise THEY'RE A LIAR!


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