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Americas Next Top Model

There are few things better than a young lady with brains and beauty! Happy October #DOPEWoman! We are so excited to launch our new feature, a shout out of #DOPEWomen and #DOPEGirls.

One of my favorite quotes says "Girls who dream, grow up to be women with vision". And I'm happy to say that our first feature is truly a girl with a dream, a plan and she's already executing it at 13!!!

Introducing #DOPEGirl Jaida

ODW: Tell me a little bit about yourself.

JAIDA: I'm 13 years old, in 9th grade, and I like to play 2K basketball which is a video game. I also make honor roll.

ODW: WOW! Honor roll? Is this new for you?

JAIDA: No, I make honor roll all the time.

ODW: Impressive! So how do you do it?

JAIDA: I balance by staying focused and my teachers don’t give a lot of homework. When I need it I get help from teachers, or students in school and stay focused.

ODW: So I hear that you're a model, a basketball player and a volleyball player so tell me, who inspires you?

JAIDA: My older brother Kevougn inspires me to do all these things. He pushes me to do better so that I can have better college options and to have a better life as an adult.

ODW: How old is your brother?

JAIDA: My brother is 17 and he is a Senior at my High School.

ODW: OK! How is it going to the same High School as your older brother?

JAIDA: I feel more comfortable going to school with him than being a Freshman by myself.

ODW:What do you like about modeling?

JAIDA: I like taking pictures.

ODW: That's cool. Have you had any new experiences because of modeling?

JAIDA: I recently went to New York City to meet with an agency that works with new models.

ODW: WOW NYC! How did that go?

JAIDA: She said that I was shy. I am usually shy around people I don’t know.

ODW: OK With that feedback are you doing anything to help with your shyness?

JAIDA: Yes. I started playing volleyball to help me get over my shyness. If I don’t talk I don’t get the ball. In basketball it's different because I’m used to it, but with my volleyball team they are new people and I have to talk to them.

ODW: What's your favorite subject in school?

JAIDA: Chinese.


JAIDA: Yes, I am taking a Sophomore Chinese class. At first it was hard because my teacher only spoke to us in Chinese. But I learned to use the clues that she taught us. For example the Chinese character for welcome reminds you of a woman welcoming her child. Using the clue that woman and welcome start with same letter and the character makes you think of a woman, it helps to learn the language.

ODW: Wow Jaida that is really impressive!

JAIDA: Thank you.

ODW: Jaida, if you were able to tell girls your age anything, what would you tell them?

JAIDA: Stay focused and don’t let anyone tell you anything you don’t want to do or don’t let them tell you anything wrong.

ODW: What do you want for your future?

JAIDA: For my future I want to be a healthy, happy person and to have a nice life so that I can provide for myself.

Jaida was truly a sweet girl to interview. Her spunk for life and her willingness to work hard for her dreams blew me away! #DOPEWoman, no matter what is is you want in life, if you stay focused as Jaida encouraged us, your life will shape up beautifully!!

As always, you are the bomb dot com and if anyone tells you otherwise, they're a liar!


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